Daughter lets dad watch dog over weekend – is shocked by the text message he sends her

Daughter lets dad watch dog over weekend – is shocked by the text message he sends her

Letting somebody watch your kid is nerve-racking at first — even if it’s your own mom or dad doing the babysitting.

But lettling a family member watch your pet for you is a good way to get used to leaving your pet when you have to leave town for a day or two.

Meghan Specksgoor was going to New York for the weekend and needed someone who take care of her beloved dog Chance.

The job fell to her dad. And when Meghan left town, her trust in her dad was immediately put to the test when she started getting texts messages about her dog.

Meghan Specksgoor is a responsible young woman and pet owner. She’s a trained fitness instructor who loves her work and leads an active lifestyle. But when she gets some free time, Meghan likes to spends time with her dog, Chance.

Image: Meghan Specksgoor

Being away from Chance is never easy for Meghan, and she couldn’t find have found anyone better suited to take care of him while she was away.

Still, Meghan didn’t have much to worry about. She knows what special a bond Chance and her dad have. And as soon as Meghan left town, it became even more clear.

“If I’m good I can have ice cream”

As soon as Meghan arrived, she received a picture of Chance and the following text:

“Hi mom, it’s me again. We had a picnic and are going to the nail salon now. Gramps said if I’m good I can have ice cream when I’m done. What kind do I like again?”

“Gramps is going to sleep with me tonight”

During the day, the updates from Meghan’s dad continued, and Meghan couldn’t help laugh when she saw how happy her doggie looked.

“Hey mom, Gramps is going to sleep with me tonight, is there anything we need to tell him? Hope you are having as much fun as I am. See you tomorrow and good night, love you sooo much”

You can really see how lucky Chance and Meghan are. What a fun way for this dad to make his daughter relax. Please share if this also made you smile.

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