Cruel owner ‘forgot’ to feed him, poor dog in disbelief when rescuers offer him food

As a dog owner, it really infuriates me when I see or hear stories about dogs being left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Sadly, it’s an all too common occurrence in various parts of the world.

Dogs are either abandoned or born without a loving home to nurture and give them the life they deserve.

Poor Benji was a young dog in South Africa in desperate need of some true friends.

For some reason, his owner kept him tied up with a chain day in and day out – with only a concrete floor as a bed.

In 2016, Benji was discovered severely malnourished because his owner forgot to leave any food out for him.

YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Passersby used to attack and throw rocks at him, which resulted in open and bloody wounds.

When the animal rescue organization, Sidewalk Specials heard about Benji’s situation, they came to his aid.

But no one knew how to win the starving animal’s trust.

The first thing the volunteers did was place an appetizing bowl of food where Benji could reach it.

YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

It was obvious the dog was scared, but he was also too hungry not to take advantage of the feast placed in front of him.

Finally, the rescuers were able to grab Benji, and they immediately rushed him to a veterinarian.

Everybody agreed how heartbreaking it was to see how much Benji had suffered at the hands of his cruel and forgetful owner.

Adopted by a forever family

But on the positive side, there were now several people ready to help Benji recover.

Sidewalk Specials took Benji under their care and made sure he got the love and nourishment he needed.

And after a while, they transformed Benji into a happy and healthy dog ready to be adopted by a forever family!

Thank God Benji was rescued and now has a loving home! 

All animals need is love and a good home! Please don’t abuse, neglect or throw away a beautiful animal, there’s no need! They are family – share this article on Facebook if you agree!