Creep tries to kidnap girl in middle of the street – then an unexpected hero steps in

Creep tries to kidnap girl in middle of the street – then an unexpected hero steps in

‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ is an old trope, and there are many stories out there that prove the saying is true.

One of these stories occured in Virginia in July last year. A 10 year old girl was suddenly attacked by an old man who tried to kidnap her, but the attacker had no idea that there was a loyal dog was watching over her.

It was July 28th last year when a 10 year old girl was out walking the family dog in Virginia. It was around 4pm, but the early hour and broad daylight didn’t stop the man from taking his chance to approach the girl.

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The man took a firm grip on the girl’s arm and tried to force her to the ground, but he quickly regretted his actions when the dog bit him.

The dog sunk his teeth into the man’s arm, breaking his skin, so that he was unable to keep hold of the girl. Although the dog’s bite didn’t seriously injure the man, it distracted him long enough for the girl and her dog to escape.

The girl’s family reported the incident to local police. The Prince William County Police Department posted a warning on their Facebook page, so that other local residents could be on alert.

Facebook/Prince William County Police Department

The 10 year old girl got away unharmed thanks to her dog’s quick and smart rescue.

How lucky are we to share the planet with such smart and brave animal side kicks?!

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Please note: the dog in the pictures above has no connection to the story.

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