Coors Light will pay people’s dog adoption fees this month

“Adopt, don’t shop.” If you’re looking for a new pet, it’s always better to rescue from an animal shelter rather than buy from a breeder or a pet store.

Shelters are always full of animals waiting for homes. The ASPCA says that 5.6 million dogs and cats are left in shelters every year. And with 1.5 million euthanized every year, your choice to adopt could save lives.


To further incentivize people to adopt, programs have been set up to cover the adoption fees, from “clear the shelter” events to tax refunds.

Now in a special event this month, one company has stepped up to cover the costs: Coors Light.

If you adopt a shelter dog between February 4 and 21 (and you’re of the legal drinking age) you’re eligible for $100 from Coors to pay for the adoption fees.


The promo ties in with the beer brand’s latest advertising campaign, which sees a young woman skip the winter dating scene (“cuffing season”) in favor of chilling with her dog and a cold one.

“With almost half of millennials planning to stay in on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help empower people to savor the day with Coors Light and a dog by their side,” said Chelsea Parker, Marketing Manager at Molson Coors.

It’s a promo that combines our two favorite things, beer and animals. It seems like an unlikely collaboration, but beer companies have had success teaming up with pet shelters before. One woman found her missing dog of three years after he was spotted on a beer can.

It’s also the latest effort to make adoption as easy as possible. New York is considering a new law that will offer a $125 tax credit for anyone that adopts a pet from a shelter, designed to reimburse their fees.

We hope these incentives inspire more and more people to get out their and adopt! Rescue animals can truly be the best friends you can have… the perfect companion to have a beer with.


Thanks to Coors Light for looking out for these shelter dogs! We hope a lot of them find good homes this month thanks to this promo.

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