Woman spots her dog missing for 3 years on beer can

A Florida brewery’s campaign was meant to bring awareness to shelter pets and perhaps raise some money for a local shelter, but instead it united a long lost pup with her owner.


On January 19, MotorWorks, a brewery in Bradenton, Florida, launched a 4-pack that featured the faces of adoptable dogs wrapped around cans of beer. They were a hit.

The beer can quickly went viral and two of the four featured dogs were adopted.

Monica Mathis was one of countless people who came across the brewery’s unique way to bring awareness to shelter dogs.

“I clicked it because I was like, ‘Look how close she looks like to my dog,’” she told the Tampa Bay Times.


One of the dogs on the cans looked exactly like Mathis’ dog, Hazel, that had run away three years earlier.

“She was an escape artist; she was very good at getting loose. Bolting right through the door. Knocking me over just to get out the door,” she said.

In May 2017, Hazel got loose and despite spending hours searching for her near her home in Iowa, Hazel was gone.

Although Hazel was microchipped, Mathis’ information was out of date so anyone who picked up Hazel, now named Day Day, would have had no way of contacting Mathis.

Mathis contacted Manatee County Animal Services, where all the featured adoptable dogs were, and they asked for her information.


“I guess you can say I was a little hysterical because I was scared someone was going to adopt her at that point or something. I was scared I was gonna lose her again. I was really nervous. I was like shaking. I was crying.”

But she soon learned there was no need to fret. Hans Wohlgefahrt of Manatee County Animals Services said they were able to confirm the dog belonged to her and as soon as Hazel got her health certificate she’d be on her way to Minnesota to be reunited with Mathis.

“I’m so excited that she’s coming home,” Mathis said. “I’m so happy that I get my family back.”

What a happy ending! I’m so glad Hazel found her family again.

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