New law could give tax credit to people who adopt shelter animals

It’s always better to adopt a pet rather than buy one from a breeder or pet shop. You’re giving a new life for an animal who’s been waiting for a home, helping to clear shelters, and not supporting unethical breeding industries.

But if those reasons aren’t enough, a proposed tax law could help to further incentivize people to adopt, not shop—by offering a tax credit.


According to WROC, New York is considering a new law that would offer a tax credit for people who adopt from shelters, at $125 per animal. It’s intended to cover the cost of adoption fees and encourage people to adopt.

Encouraging people to adopt is hugely important for the welfare of our homeless pets. The ASPCA reports that 6.5 million dogs and cats end up in shelters every year, and about 1.5 are euthanized. But those numbers have both gone down in recent years due to more and more people choosing to adopt.

Making the adoption process as easy and affordable as possible has proven to be a successful strategy. Many shelters have done well with “clear the shelters” events where they waive adoption fees.


Hopefully this new law goes into effect and encourages even more people to adopt. But with our without the tax credit, adopting an animal is well worth it—you’ll be saving a life, and your new friend will be forever grateful.

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