Burnt puppy is found in park after being set on fire

It never ceases to shock us how cruel people can be to animals. There are countless sad stories of animals being abused and left for dead.

That was the case recently after a puppy was found in a park after apparently being set on fire — and now authorities are looking for the sick person responsible.

On October 11, firefighters the Columbus Division of Fire responded to a call about melting plastic that was on fire in Walnut Hill Park in Columbus, Ohio.

While putting out the fire, they saw a puppy walk by with dark black plastic on its back. They realized the puppy had been inside the plastic crate, and set on fire.

The firefighters rescued the burnt dog and transferred her to Diley Hill Animal Medical Center, where she was treated for burn injuries.

The Columbus Division of Fire, sharing the story on Facebook, reported that the pup, despite her injuries, was “doing remarkably well.”

Even better, she was reportedly adopted by staff at the hospital.

It’s a happy ending for the poor puppy after what was undoubtedly a traumatic experience. She’s in a better home now with someone who won’t treat her so cruelly.

However, the person who did this is still out there — and authorities are looking for answers.

“Fire investigators are working with Columbus Humane Society agents to identify who is responsible for injuring the puppy. Investigators are asking for the public’s help in identifying the puppy, or the puppy’s former owner,” Columbus Division of Fire wrote.

“Please contact the Columbus Fire and Explosives Investigation Unit at 614 645 3011, if you recognize the puppy or saw anything regarding the fire in the park.”

We’re so glad this puppy is safe now, but what a horrible thing to go through! We hope the culprit is found soon and justice is served!

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