Good samaritan swims in to save puppy after cruel owner throws her from bridge

Good samaritan swims in to save puppy after cruel owner throws her from bridge

It was an act of unthinkable cruelty with a miraculous ending: a puppy left for dead has survived thanks to a heroic but humble bystander who raced to save her life.

A 10-week-old terrier puppy was found in the water near the Florida-Georgia line last week, barely surviving the harsh currents. It is believed that the puppy’s owner tossed her off the 20-foot Blue Bridge.

The cruel owner’s heinous act surely would’ve succeeded in killing the puppy… if it wasn’t for one bystander who saved the day.

Witnesses say a local fisherman saw the puppy and swam out into the water, saving her life.


Thanks to this heroic act the dog made it out alive, and was brought to Nassau County Animal Services.

“With the currents that go underneath that bridge and how small of a puppy it is, I’m surprised it made it,” animal services director Timothy Maguire told 11 Alive.


The dog has been named Queso, and she’s now doing well, but there is still some unfinished business.

They are still looking for the person who threw the dog off the bridge, and anyone who has any information on the situation is encouraged to contact Nassau County Animal Services at (904) 530-6150.

They also don’t know the identity of the hero who saved her. Timothy Maguire says he understands if the person would rather remain anonymous, but they would like to thank him for his actions: “It was a great thing he did,” he said. “We appreciate it, and I’m sure the puppy does.”


But most importantly, Queso still needs a home: she will be put up for adoption soon, and they have had few inquiries so far.

“We haven’t had many people apply for her. They probably think she’s already adopted,” Maguire told 11 Alive.

“There’s only a handful for her right now, so we’ll look through them, and whatever we think the best fit for her will be, is where she’ll be placed.”

We’re so glad Queso is alive thanks to this heroic good samaritan!

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