Blind dog feels snow for the first time – his reaction is something everyone has to see!

Golden Retriever Smiley was born without eyes and a form of dwarfism. But his wonderful personality and great grin made him so lovable to anyone lucky enough to meet him.

He was rescued from a life of neglect and sure death on a puppy farm at two years old but despite his disability flourished and became a therapy dog in Ontario, Canada.

His enthusiasm is contagious and her name so appropriate for  such a happy dog that never let anything stand in the way of having fun.









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This adorable dog spread absolute joy wherever he went and lived a wonderful life, thanks to his rescuers who saved him from being put down.

Between the ages of two and 15 when sadly this sweet dog passed away after a brief battle with cancer, Smiley inspired hundreds as his work took him to hospitals, nursing homes and schools to inspire so many with his strength and perseverance.

But his legacy continues to light up the world when his owner veterinarian Joanne George shared this adorable video of Smiley experiencing fresh snow on a fun walk outside.

Smiley is an elderly dog in the video and old age brought on hearing issues, another obstacle she crushed with his amazing can-do attitude.

Watch Smiley’s sweet response when he feels snow for the first time in the clip below! 

Do not forget to share this amazing clip with your friends! This dog is clearly missed but never forgotten for all he gave to the family that loved her and everyone he met.