“A**hole” dog gets adopted after hilariously honest shelter post goes viral

Animal shelters often try to get the word out about their adoptable dogs; they’ll share social media posts with glowing descriptions of the pet’s best qualities to entice people into giving them a home.

But with some dogs, shelters take the opposite approach, getting brutally but hilariously honest about their more troublemaking animals — which often go viral and help the pets find homes.

That was the case recently for a dog named Eddie, whose colorful shelter viral describing him as an “a$$hole” helped him finally find a home.

On November 16, the Humane Society of Wichita County, in Texas, shared a most unusual post about a dog in their care named Eddie. While most shelter pet bios highlight a dog’s friendliness and playfulness, Eddie’s bio colorfully described him as “an a$$hole” who is apparently quite the tough guy.

“Eddie hates other dogs, he’s 17 pounds and could take on a Rottweiler and win,” the shelter wrote. “If Eddie had an accent, he would sound like he’s from the Bronx, wearing a wife beater t-shirt and a tattoo that says MOM on his arm.”

“If you got into a bar fight, Eddie would back you up and take on all 5 guys, put his cigarette out on their forehead and not spilling a drop of his beer while doing it.”

If that sounds harsh, it was all to help Eddie find the perfect home. The funny description helped the post go viral across the world. It has over 86,000 shares on Facebook, and comments describe it as “the best thing on the internet today.”

And the reality is that some shelter dogs are feistier than others, but still deserve perfect homes; it’s best to be honest with adopters about what kind of dog they are taking home and what kind of training might need to be done.

“So, if you think you are man enough to adopt him, please be our guest,” the shelter joked. “We want Eddie out of here because he scares our big dogs.”

Amazingly, the plan worked: despite all the warnings about Eddie’s tough, bar-fighting attitude, they quickly found a family to adopt Eddie!

“Very happy to say, our ‘a$$hole’ dog has found his forever home!” the Humane Society of Wichita County wrote. “As long as they keep his cigarettes and beer well stocked and keep him away from bulldogs eyeing him up across the courtyard (although I’m pretty sure he could easily whoop ’em), he’s going to be just fine!”

Eddie’s new owner replied with a photo of the dog cuddling up in his new home. “We love him,” she wrote.

Many people were thrilled to see Eddie was adopted, and praised the shelter for their outside-the-box thinking.

“Genius post! I knew someone would accept the challenge,” one commenter wrote.

Eddie isn’t the only shelter dog to get adopted this way: earlier this year a French bulldog named Ralphie went viral after being described as a “fire breathing demon,” eventually leading him to find his forever home.

Even the most “tough guy” shelter dogs deserve loving homes, and it seems like Eddie has finally found the perfect family!

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