Adorable Bulldog pup told to be quiet, now watch him throw the cutest tantrum

We all know what a temper tantrum looks like — on a child, Even if you’re not a parent, you must have seen, or heard, a child throw a fit in a store at some point.

But, have you even seen a puppy throw a temper tantrum? I never had until I watched this video of Baby Bentley The Bulldog. I have to admit this pup’s temper tantrum is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.



Watching Bentley makes me realize how much dogs have in common with little children. They both like nothing more than to eat, sleep, poop and play — and of course throw the occasional temper tantrum.

Bentley the Bulldog was just 8 weeks old when this video was taken of him having the cutest hissy-fit.

At one point during his mini protest you can hear his human mom tell him to hush and it makes him even angrier; he picks up his tiny paw and makes a swiping motion at her.

With his squishy face and chubby wrinkly body he couldn’t look angry if he tried; it’s so comical to see him put on the tough dog routine.

See for yourself this adorable puppy trying to be angry in the video below.

I think we all need a Bentley the Bulldog to brighten our day. Please share with your friends and family and help spread the joy.