Abused dog found lying in a puddle – unable to move as she cries out in pouring rain

When we see stray dogs on the street often we presume they’re lost or were rejected by their owners but for some dogs, living on the streets is all they know.

It’s a tough life for so many, whose natural instinct is to find a pack of dogs they can go around with. For Liberty though she was too sick to keep up with the other strays on the street. She was almost dying, helpless under the rain after being hit by a vehicle.

Thankfully, the animal loving woman Carina Suarez spotted Liberty and stopped to help out. It was very clear the poor pup was in extreme pain, and her one leg was swollen.

When Carina found the exhausted stray she loaded her up and wrapped her in a blanket. She knew she had to take the dog to the vet clinic for a checkup.

Liberty was weak and she fought for her life. Her temperature was low and she refused to eat or drink.

Carina and the veterinarian realized that the dog was in need of a miracle.

Thankfully, Liberty was given all the care and medication she needed. Finally, she also started eating from a syringe – a very positive sign!

According to her guardian angel Carina, the dogs road to recovery is far from over and Liberty needs all the thoughts and prayers possible as she continues to fight.

Carina Noralyn Suarez

”I hope and pray her determination and our love will keep her spirit up to fight and live,” Carina said.