Abandoned momma dog is rescued from the cold – then veterinarians make an amazing discovery in her stomach

Going through childbirth is one of the most painful and scary moments a mother can go through.

Imagine doing this all by yourself – out in the cold.

This is exactly what happened to a small abandoned momma dog in Cambridgeshire, England, earlier this month.

The dog mom, who is a chihuahua/terrier mix, was due to give birth to puppies for the first time.

But her owner had no interest in taking care of her or her puppies, and dumped her in a cage out in the cold.

It was there that the mom gave birth to her first puppy, who sadly froze to death as soon as it was born.

Facebook/Fenland Animal Rescue

Fortunately, the cage was then found and the incident was reported to the police. Joshua Flanagan works for Fenland Animal Rescue and arrived at the scene to rescue the dog.

“She was in all this pain and discomfort, howling at the top of her lungs when we found her after we were called by police,” he told the BBC.

They immediately saw that her puppy was dead, and took the distressed mom to the nearest veterinarian. There, they discovered that she had more puppies on the way.

Facebook/Fenland Animal Rescue

One puppy was stuck in her birth canal and there was a second puppy still in her womb.

The vet was forced to operate on the momma dog in order to get the pups out. Luckily, they were both healthy and fully formed!

Facebook/Fenland Animal Rescue

Now the momma dog and her two puppies are resting at the animal shelter. The staff have named the momma dog Bella.

Although they are all glad that Bella survived, they are also angry that someone could treat her so terribly.

“The person who dumped her would have known exactly what was going on. They would have seen the dead puppy, and heard Bella howling in agony,” Joshua Flanagan explains.

Facebook/Fenland Animal Rescue

He suspects that the owner didn’t want to pay for veterinary care, and therefore left the dog cage outside an occupied house hoping that someone else would handle the problem.

Bella and her puppies are fully recovered and healthy and are living in a foster home until they receive a new owner who can give them the love and care they need. The police are trying to make contact with the owner who abandoned her. This person should never own an animal again!

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Good luck to you, Bella!

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