After 3 months apart: This dog is crying with happiness when she sees her owner again

Soldier Hannah Foraker had been away on active duty for three months and when she came home there were many who were anxious to greet her.

But there was one family member who was just a little happier than everybody else.

Golden retriever Buddy – who clearly thought three months had felt like a lifetime.

Buddy is a 13 year old golden retriever. In spite of her old age she is still full of life. When her family arrived home after picking up Hannah, she rushed out to meet them.

But when she suddenly saw that Hannah was with them, she was overcome with happiness.

Got a new burst of energy

The family tells BuzzFeed that Buddy got a whole new burst of energy when Hannah came home. She was acting like a whole new dog!

Being surrounded by good friends is always the best medicine!

The family filmed Hannah and Buddy’s reunion and put it online. Since then it has been viewed over 6 million times, and I understand why.

You can see for yourself below!

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