3 men drag police into the woods to kill him – then hero dog reacts immediately

A police dog is trained to catch thieves and help the police. Thanks to their amazing sense of smell, they can find criminals, drugs and missing people in no time.

The police simply couldn’t solve as many crimes as they do without their canine colleagues.

But Lucas the dog did more than just help his partner on the job. He saved his life.


Todd Frazier is a police officer in Long Beach, Mississippi. In May 2015 he became suspicious when he noticed a car stood still on the side of the road. In the front seat he could see an unconscious man. Todd stopped to help.

It was a trap

But when he stepped over to the car, the man attacked, and two other men also rushed towards Todd. It was a trap – and the three men dragged the officer to the forest, The Daily Mail reports.

They told him they would slit his throat.

Todd understood that the situation was serious. The men were planning to kill him and dump his body in the forest.

When Deputy Todd Frazier of Long Beach, Mississippi found himself dragged into the woods by three men and his life in…

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Todd was not alone that day. In the trunk of his car was police dog Lucas, who watched everything happen from a distance.

But the car was locked.

Opened the door

In the midst of the turmoil with the three men, Todd eventually managed to get his car key out of his pocket and open the trunk. Lucas reacted immediately and rushed out to help his partner.

The deputy, Todd Frazier, was beaten and cut with a box cutter in Pearlington on Monday, Sheriff Ricky Adam said. If it…

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Lucas bit at least one of the men before they made off on foot. They disappeared in their car while Todd lay on the ground in shock with Lucas next to him.

Sustained minor injuries

Todd had a cut on his forehead and some other minor injuries on his body, but otherwise he was okay.

Lucas also sustained minor injuries and lost a couple of teeth, but he made a fast recovery after the incident.

And of course he received a medal for his heroic deed!

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Police suspect that a criminal gang was behing the attack and that the three men were planning to hurt or kill an officer.

Luckily Lucas stopped them this time. I don’t dare to imagine what could have happened otherwise.

What would we do without our dogs? Lucas is a real hero who deserves to be honored! 

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