Good news: More than 200 dogs headed for a dog meat festival have been saved

The controversial dog-meat festival in China, where dogs are slaughtered in the most horrific ways and their meat is sold, has caused anger across the globe.  It is an awful event that has sparked many protests and activists to try and stop this cruel practice.

According to animal rights activists, about 10 million dogs and four million cats are slaughtered each year – then sold on a meat market.

Despite massive protests against this terrible festival, year after year it goes ahead. On this occasion though one woman was able to rescue more than 100 dogs from suffering such an awful death.

Warning: some people may find the following images upsetting.




Humane Society International/Facebook

Unfortunately in some parts of the world dogs are killed for their meat.

Taken from their homes and slaughtered

Dogs are caged in cramped conditions, some with broken limbs, and then slaughtered in the most terrible way in front of each other. The dog meat is then sold in markets or in stores.

According to the site Animal Asia, it is not only stray dogs that are captured and killed but some are stolen pets.

Massive protests

Protests against these dog-meat festivals gather more and more supporters each year with celebrities and high profile animal rights groups joining the fight against such horror. On social media, millions of people from all over the world have demanded that the festival be stopped.

In 2015, 65-year-old Yang Xiaoyn managed to save 100 from being taken to such a festival – by paying over $1,000 to rescue them, according to an article in Time . And in 2016, activists in Tianjin stopped a truck with over 200 dogs and demanded the driver hand them over.

Humane Society International/Facebook 

202 dogs were rescued

Recently, it was discovered that activists in the Chinese city of Hunan rescued 202 dogs from slaughter. Local police in the city stopped the truck as the driver could not prove that the dogs were his, after which the activists released the dogs from their cramped cages.

Humane Society International/Facebook 

The dogs were in very poor condition and many of them had broken bones, large wounds and severe infections. Animal rights activists immediately took the dogs to the local vet and animal shelter to be treated and re-housed. Unfortunately, 13 of the dogs died as a result of the torture they were subjected to.

The dogs, some of them were still wearing the collars their owners had given them, were identified and returned to their owners.

Humane Society International/Facebook

I am both disgusted and saddened by these terrible images. Why anyone would want to consume dog meat, let alone the meat of an animal that had been tortured in this way is beyond me. Thank goodness for the people who are taking a stand in China against this.

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