Lovable 130 pound dog enters his first ever home: watch his adorable reaction

Dogs can be the most loyal and loving of companions. They deserve a good home where they can thrive and be the best they can possibly be.

But so many dogs don’t get the love they deserve.

Cosmo the friendly giant of a dog had a tough life with a dog breeder and never knew what it was like to have a proper home.

Photo: YouTube

A dog breeder gave Cosmo up and he ended up in a shelter in Auburn, Nebraska.

Despite his previous life you can see he is just the most lovable dog, so trusting of people and so ready to give back.

Cosmo, a Saint Bernard, was two years old and weighed 130 pounds when a couple in upstate New York saw a picture of him online and fell in love, The Dodo says.

New mom Jayne drove all the way to Nebraska to pick up her new fur baby and as you can see from the clip below is so excited and nervous to meet them.

Unsure of the stairs

Watching these two meet it’s clear they were meant for each other. Cosmo rolls over and lets Jayne pat his stomach.

When it’s time for Cosmo to enter his new home his reaction is priceless. He’s unsure of everything, even the stairs

It’s so obvious that he’s never had a proper home before and his response is so adorable.

See for yourself in the clip below and prepare to fall in love with this gorgeous giant of a dog.

How wonderful you are to take Cosmo into your family! He is such a beauty and so gentle. Isn’t it a shame how these puppy mills treat the dogs?

They shouldn’t exist. There should be outlawed.

Such abuse to keep a animal in a cage never to see outdoors or anything but a cage and used to breed over and over for the almighty dollar. I hope something is done to protect our animals.

It’s a process, but the St. Bernard is with the perfect family to show him what life’s all about. ?

Feel free to share this story and help spread the love. We wish Cosmo all the best with his new family!