12-week-old puppy is abandoned by her family: Was just days away from death

Three-month-old puppy Sidney was abandoned by his owners and left to die.

After bringing Sidney home, her owners regretted it and soon dumped her at an animal shelter โ€” where she would be killed if she did not find a new home.


Some people should simply not be allowed to have animals. One clear example of an animal ending up in the wrong hands is the story of 3-month-old puppy Sidney.

The German shepherd originally thought she had come to a loving home. But shortly after arriving to her new family, they regretted it.

Carson Animal Care Center.

But instead of making sure that the little puppy found new owners, she was dumped at a California center for homeless animals. The center has an excess of abandoned pets, so the animals are at risk of being killed if they do not quickly get a new home.

Sidney was in desperate need of help. Thankfully, with help from social media, she managed to find new owners, who were more than keen to take care of her.

Homeless and abandoned animals are a big problem worldwide. Let’s not ignore it!

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