Update: Cat nearly euthanized for not using litter box has now found a new home

Earlier this month we shared the story of Lulu, a cat whose owners tried to have her euthanized for peeing outside her litter box.

But thankfully, Lulu’s story now has a happy ending after an inspiring update.

Facebook/Dutchess County SPCA

Lulu’s story: saved from euthanasia

Lulu, a 13-year-old Himalayan cat, was taken to a vet last year by her owners who wanted her to be put down, according to People. The reason: Lulu would pee without using the litter box.

The vet examined the cat and found that she was in good health, and refused to euthanize her. The vet instead urged the owners to sign over ownership of Lulu. After the owners agreed, the vet brought Lulu to the Dutchess County SPCA, a no-kill shelter.

Shelter staff soon realized there was a reason that Lulu wasn’t using the litter box: she had urinary crystals, a common problem among cats of her breed.

“The issue was resolved with a simple diet change,” Lynne Meloccaro, the executive director of Dutchess County SPCA, told People. “Since she has been here, she has not had any problems with the litter box.”

Facebook/Dutchess County SPCA

It’s heartbreaking to think that Lulu’s previous owners nearly had this beautiful cat put to sleep over such a minor medical issue that could have been easily resolved. The shelter urged people to explore other solutions before resorting to euthanasia.

“Your pet doesn’t want to leave you — don’t give up on them until you have explored every option for helping them,” Meloccaro said.

With Lulu now in safe hands, the rescue began looking for a new, less-judgemental home for the cat. Her adoption page said she was looking for a quiet home with a warm bed to curl up in.

Lulu adopted

On April 18, the Dutchess County SPCA announced a heartwarming update: Lulu has found a home!

In a Facebook post, the rescue wrote that Lulu’s new family “drove hours to meet her and pick her up.”

The owner heard Lulu’s story online and immediately knew it was meant to be.

“Lulu’s beautiful blue eyes grabbed my attention and beckoned me to read the article,” Lulu’s new owner told People. “I was appalled and heartbroken by what I read. I previously had two cats with health issues, and one of them was named Lulu. I had planned on waiting till fall to adopt again, but this was meant to be!”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that she has found her new home where she will be loved and cherished,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

They also said that after Lulu’s story went viral, several organizations reached out to give Lulu some gifts for her new home. World’s Best Cat Litter donated a care package to the family and a pallet of cat litter to the shelter, and the Cathy Kangas Alliance for Animals donated 3 months of Lulu’s prescription food.

The owner said that Lulu is fitting in well in her new home.

“She is spunky. She zips around the house, slides past her intended destination, and wants to know everything that is going on,” the owner told People. “She likes to sit and look out the window. She has the sweetest little meow. I foresee her being Queen of the House in the near future.”

No animal deserves to be euthanized by their owner for something like not using the litter box — we’re so glad Lulu’s life was spared and she now has a great new home!

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