Trash worker finds this gorgeous kitten in the back of his truck, just in time

Trash worker finds this gorgeous kitten in the back of his truck, just in time

I’m sure most garbage collectors have stories to tell on the finds they have made during their rounds but one worker will never forget what he discovered in his truck one day.

Mark G was working hard in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, one morning when he spotted something moving in one of the bags. When he opened it, he made a nasty discovery.

Someone had put a tiny calico kitten in a trash bag and thrown her away as she was garbage, writes Love Meow.

What he did next has resulted in him being hailed an animal hero by thousands across the nation after his story went viral.

“He noticed something was moving inside one of the bags. He opened the bag and found the kitten,” Justina Calgiano from Providence Animal Center told LoveMeow.

The kitten was only 3 to 4 weeks old when she was discovered crying for help and desperately trying to get out of the garbage bag.

He contacted  Providence Animal Center, in Pennsylvania and they took her in calling her “Grundgetta” after Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend.

“She was sweet and innocent and didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I’m glad she’s healthy and safe,” Mark told Love Meow.

Thankfully Grundgetta was unharmed and was bottle fed to build up her strength before being put up for adoption.

“We’re looking to transfer her into a foster home with experience dealing with ‘bottle babies’ and then in 4-5 weeks when she’s old enough, big enough and healthy enough, we’ll place her up for adoption,” Justina told Love Meow.

GRUNDGETTA HEADS TO FOSTER HOME: Our little miracle trash kitty is in good hands with foster momma Janet until she grows…

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Friday, June 10, 2016

This sweet kitten enjoyed all the love and hugs while at the animal center and Mark was glad to know the sweet kitten was in safe hands.

It wasn’t long before she was adopted and is now in the loving home that she deserves.

GRUNDGETTA – ADOPTED! Meant to be. That about sums up G and her new mom, Sabrina. As Sabrina says, "When I saw G's…

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Monday, August 1, 2016

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