He thinks the cat has died on the balcony – then she uses her last energy and moves one paw

No matter how thick the coats of cats can be, during the winter time they need to be indoors to keep warm.

Elsa the cat had nowhere to go to warm up one freezing winter day in February. In the end, she collapsed on a stranger’s balcony — destined to freeze to death.

Her little body just kept on getting colder and stiffer — not even her nine lives seemed to save her this time.

But then the owner of the house came home…

When the owner found the cat, she was so stiff and frozen she couldn’t move. The man thought there was a dead cat lying there on the balcony. He carefully patted her and then he saw something — the cat moved one paw.


Elsa seemed to still have some motion in one paw and she had used her very last strength to show the man that she was still alive. He immediately lifted her up and carried her inside.

He decided he was going to try and bring the little cat back to life.

He took her to the bathroom and bathed her gently in lukewarm water, to slowly bring up her body temperature.


After the bath, he wrapped her in a warm blanket. Elsa was still moving, but she seemed to appreciate being pampered.


Slowly she began to regain some strength and could lift her head.

After a while she began to drink a little bit.


Six hours later, Elsa was standing. It remains a mystery where she is from, and how she ended up in that horrible state, but one thing is certain: the man had saved her life.


When Elsa felt a bit better, he took her to the vet to check her health. And despite the heavy cold, Elsa didn’t seem to have suffered any major injuries or damage

The man became so fond of the cat that he decided to adopt her — so that she would always have a warm home to come home to.


The man who rescued Elsa later put together a great video about her discovery – and recovery. You can watch it below.

Cats are incredible! I really understand why they say that cats have 9 lives. Many thanks to the man who saved her!

Good luck to little Elsa!

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