Teen sees driver throw piece of trash out window, seconds later he dives for it

Erin Brown and her son were on their way home when a car driving in front of them suddenly slowed down. Then, they saw what they thought was trash thrown from the car – it all happened very quickly and Erin had little time to react.

Shocked, they noticed that the “trash” was moving.

Erin stopped her car and her 14-year-old son, Gavin, jumped out of the car.

When Gavin gets out, he sees the cat is in danger of being hit by the passing cars.

Erin did her best to wave down other cars and get them to slow down, while her son ran for the cat.

Photo: Facebook

Ran after the cat

Gavin ultimately succeeded in catching the frightened and injured cat.

“I don’t know what was most shocking, someone throwing a cat from a car or that my son ran into traffic to save the cat,” wrote Erin on Facebook, where the family shared the story.

Thankfully, the cat — and Gavin — were not seriously injured, and they were able to get back to the car safely. The family drove the cat to the local animal hospital.

Photo: Facebook

The family adopted the cat

The cat had suffered some minor injuries, but nothing life-threatening.

The family decided immediately that they would adopt the cat, and they named him Lucky. A very appropriate name!

Lucky has recovered completely from this traumatic event and lives with his new family.

Photo: Facebook

“Lucky is a super cute cat and he and Gavin have really bonded. It’s almost like Lucky knows Gavin saved him,” wrote Erin on Facebook.

The family notified the police about the driver who threw Lucky out onto the highway, but the person is still unknown. In their hurry to rescue Lucky, Erin and Gavin were not able to get the license plates or information about the car.

Thank goodness everything turned out okay, but we’ll never understand how someone could do this to a cat! Please share!

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