Stray cat found at airport gets adopted by police officer, named “Spirit”

Throughout this year we’ve heard many stories of animals being abandoned at airports, plus other stories of pets getting lost and separated from their owners at airports.

But one recent story is more uplifting: when a stray cat wandered into an airport, it led to her finding a home with one of her rescuers.

According to a post from the Allegheny County Police Department, in Pennsylvania, an airport employee recently found a stray cat in their long term parking lot.

The police department was called to catch the cat, who was reportedly about one year old and was “extremely malnourished.”

Once the cat was captured, one of the responding officers, Patrol Officer Edward Watts, stepped up to care for the cat. It was clear that the cat needed veterinary care and it was later found to have multiple underlying health issues, but Officer Watts and his family were committed to taking care of her.

The cat has been named “Spirit,” perhaps after the airline but also to the generous and caring spirit that led to her rescue.

According to the police department, Spirit is expected to make a full recovery and is adjusting well to her new home.

They also wrote that they recently responded to “two incidents recently involving dogs being abandoned at the airport,” and wanted to share this news to “share some positivity.”

Thank you to Officer Watts and his family for adopting this sweet cat! Please share this amazing news! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ธ