Senior dog surrendered at airport after crate couldn’t fit under seat, now looking for a new home

There have been an unfortunate amount of stories lately about dogs being left at airports, leaving these heartbroken pets looking for a new home.

Sadly, that is the case once again, as a dog was surrendered by her owner at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. But thankfully, the dog is now in good hands and will soon be looking for a forever home.

According to WSOC, a 14-year-old beagle called Baby Girl was surrendered at the North Carolina airport because her crate could not fit under the owner’s seat.

The owner, a woman who has remained anonymous, surrendered the dog to Furbabies Animal Rescue and got on her flight. She defended her decision, saying she was visually impaired, on a fixed income and couldn’t afford the transport fees while she was moving from North Carolina to Iowa.

She said she “would have stayed on the streets of North Carolina” with Baby Girl if she wasn’t able to safely surrender her.

According to a Facebook post from FurBabies Animal Rescue, airport officials wanted to call animal control but an airline employee named Kevin, a “friend of FurBabies,” contacted the rescue instead.

The rescue also found that Baby Girl was in need of medical help, and requested $1,000 in donations from supporters to get her pre-surgical bloodwork and emergency dental care, adding that she likely had an infection that needed to be taken care of.

She was also taken in by a foster named Robin King, who says that despite everything Baby Girl is doing well.

“We’ve taken her to the vet and she’s really friendly with everybody,” she told WSOC.

She says Baby Girl will be in even better spirits when the dog finds a new home. But the rescue needs to find someone willing to take in an older dog, and who will give her a home that’s forever.

“She’s an older dog so she would have to go to an older family,” King said. “She likes her little walks but not very enthusiastic like little dogs would be.”

“When you find a dog that’s been abandoned like this, you just feel compelled to make sure it doesn’t ever go through that again,” Daryl Strickland from the rescue added.

It’s always heartbreaking when a dog is surrendered by their owner, especially an older dog like Baby Girl. But we’re glad she is in good hands now and hope she finds a perfect new home soon ❤️

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