Salvation Army worker finds kitten trembling in road, realizes her feet are glued to the ground

Salvation Army worker finds kitten trembling in road, realizes her feet are glued to the ground

Salvation Army worker Chuck Hawley, from Oregon, was on his way to work one morning when he spotted a dark shadow in the road that at first he thought was a box.

To some annoyed motorists driving by he stopped in the road and got out to take a closer look and discovered it was a kitten.

He couldn’t understand why the kitten remained in the road and then realized why it couldn’t move.

The reason is just heart breaking and one which has angered people around the world.

When the Silverton resident Chuck Hawley got out of his car and tried to pick the kitten up, he realized she was covered in glue.

Facebook / Sticky the Kitty

“It’s a kitten just sitting upright shaking like a leaf. And some a&#hole had spread glue on its paws and stuck it to the road,” Chuck wrote on a Facebook post.

“She was wet and freezing and literally glued to the road. And NO ONE STOPPED.”

The 5-week-old kitten also had glue on her neck and body but mostly the glue had been spread on its paws and tail.

Facebook / Sticky the Kitty

Chuck tried to remove the glue with dish soap and then he took the frightened feline to Silver Creek Animal Clinic, where staff had to use mineral oil to get the glue out.

They also found a cut on her neck where either someone tried to get her or tie string around her neck.

Facebook / Sticky the Kitty

This sweet kitten, who now lives with Chuck, his wife, two children and two dogs, is becoming quite the celebrity.

They named her Sticky the Kitty and gave her a forever home.

Chuck’s Facebook post has attracted almost a million responses of support and shock from people at why someone would do such a thing.

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Chuck says the response has helped restore his faith in humanity.

“For every jerky that would glue a cat to the road there are 500,000 people that would stop and save that cat, it seems like we only hear about the bad things but there are a lot of good people out there,” he told the Statesman Journal.

Facebook / Sticky the Kitty

Chuck and his family were so inspired by Sticky and the joy this cat has brought to their house that they have started a non profit to help spread kindness to those who need it most.

After celebrating 5 months as a family member, Chuck said on Facebook:

”It’s been quite the journey and we wanted to thank you all for being a part of it! We’ve been able to do some amazing things with the help of people like you! We’re a long way from a perfect world but we try to make it a little better one sticky kitty at a time!”

Facebook / Sticky the Kitty

I’m getting so sad when I think of what poor Sticky had to go through, but at the same time very happy because she found her place and her story has a happy ending.

This is probably one of the worse cases of animal abuse I’ve read but I’m so grateful there are people like Chuck and his family in the world.

Facebook / Sticky the Kitty

Thank you Chuck for being the wonderful big hearted person you are, so happy that Sticky the kitty is in a safe loving home ??

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