Shopkeeper lets stray cat cool off inside during heatwave, provides food and water

It’s the middle of summer, and with temperatures rising we’re all trying our best to beat the heat. But sadly, not everyone has a place to go to get shelter from the hot sun — including stray animals.

Thankfully, there are some kind people willing to step up and let these animals take shelter and cool off. Like one shopkeeper, who let a very grateful stray cat into his store.

Rayan Algamadi, from Saudi Arabia, shared a video on TikTok of a stray cat outside his electronics store, begging to be let inside.


Rayan does the kind thing and lets the cat inside. The very grateful stray, who had been outside in the heat, quickly makes herself at home.

Saudi Arabia has been experiencing especially scorching weather: their summer heatwave reportedly reached 50 degrees Celsius, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

That extreme heat wasn’t lost on Rayan, who is happy to let the cat cool off. “Come in, welcome,” he tells the stray, according to The Dodo. “The sun is hot today, right?”

The stray lays down on the cool floor, grateful for the relief.

In addition to letting the cat cool off inside, he also provided it with food and water, according to a comment by Rayan.


After receiving such kindness, the cat decides to come back for more. A second video shows the stray already waiting at the shop’s door as Rayan shows up for work.

Both of Rayan’s videos have warmed hearts across the internet, with many commenters praising his actions.

“Bless you and your business for your kindness. Poor thing looked way over heated,” one comment reads.

Thank you to Rayan for letting this cat cool off inside his shop and providing food and water! Heat waves can be very hard on stray animals, and we know this cat was very grateful for your kindness.

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