Rescuers race to save sick kittens found in fence—now they’re in need of a loving home

After animal rescuers discovered a litter of kittens in an unusual hiding spot, they worked hard to give them the love and care they desperately needed—and now, these cats are getting a second chance.

In May, workers at Alley Cat Rescue got an urgent call, requesting their help with a litter of kittens that were found near Hollywood Metro station in Los Angeles.

Arriving on the scene, they were met with a most unusual sight: a little white cat, sticking her head through a wooden fence.

Gepostet von Alley Cat Rescue Inc. am Freitag, 26. Juli 2019

In the fence, they found the kitten’s mother and siblings—all of whom needed urgent medical attention.

“They were very ill and required multiple rounds of antibiotics for prolonged upper respiratory infections, eye ointment, eye drops, GI meds, probiotics, and treatment for multiple parasites,” Desiree Stapley of Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Gepostet von Alley Cat Rescue Inc. am Freitag, 26. Juli 2019

But one kitten was in especially bad shape: Mews, the kitten found in the fence. She was the runt of the litter, and was in worse shape than her siblings. Even worse, her eyelids were shut closed from an eye infection.

“She was the smallest and sickest and we did not know if she would survive, let alone see again,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Gepostet von Alley Cat Rescue Inc. am Freitag, 26. Juli 2019

But the rescue volunteers worked hard to get Mews and her siblings back to health. The cats were spayed and vaccinated, and brought to a foster home to get care.

“It took a village to get these kitties healthy,” Desiree told Love Meow.

Over the next few months, the kittens’ condition steadily improved. They reportedly loved having a warm home and cuddled with each other and their caretakers.

Soon Meeps and her siblings had grown into healthy, playful kittens—and were ready to look for forever homes.

“This adorable sweet baby girl comes looking for love in the right places!” ACR wrote on Facebook about Meeps. “Ignore her and she rolls around on your computer keyboard purring until you can’t resist. She sits on your shoulder waiting for a tea break patiently! Her brother Bear is another smuggler, and their dilute calico sister is also the sweetest baby.”

Gepostet von Alley Cat Rescue Inc. am Freitag, 2. August 2019

While things are looking up for the litter, Meeps still needs ongoing care for her eyes. While she’s otherwise in perfect health, she suffers from blocked eye ducts, meaning her tears cannot train from her eyes.

Alley Cat Rescue has been asking for donations for Meeps’ care on Facebook. They’ve currently raised almost $600.

“She has the most wonderful personality especially after all she has been through – eye meds daily for months,” Desiree told Love Meow.

In May we got an urgent request for help with a litter of kittens near both Hollywood metro station. They were in very…

Gepostet von Alley Cat Rescue Inc. am Freitag, 26. Juli 2019

But now these cats are all up for adoption, looking for their forever home. If you are interested, you can contact Alley Cat Rescue.

It’s an amazing story: in just a few short months, these strays went from being ill and hiding in a fence to being happy, healthy and ready for a new start—all thanks to the hard work of their rescuers.

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