Filmmaker edits his cat into famous movie scenes, with hilarious results

The internet is full of cats who made it big, but there’s only one cat who is showing up in all the latest movies, hottest TV shows, even hanging out with the royal family!

Well, sort of. At least that’s what’s on her Instagram—thanks to her owner, who has made it his project to edit his pet into all kinds of famous scenes, with hilarious results.

Tibo Charroppin is a filmmaker and animator from Portland, Oregon. He’s also the owner of a 2-year-old cat named Lizzie—known online by her handle @owl_kitty.

Between Tibo’s filmmaking skills and Lizzy’s general cuteness, they’ve built up a large following on Instagram, thanks to their hilarious videos mashing up Lizzy and famous movie scenes.

Here’s Lizzy playing the raptors in Jurassic Park:

And here she is not sharing the door with poor Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

Getting to know Jon Snow on Game of Thrones:

And being a fantastic beast in Harry Potter:

Tibo just started making the videos for friends and family, and was surprised by their success. The Instagram currently has over 440,000 followers.

“I did not expect it to take off the way that it did,” he told Inside Edition. “It’s been overwhelming in a good way.”

He says his personal favorite parody is The Shining, where Lizzy claws at the door, channeling Jack Nicholson:

He’s also expanded used his editing skills to give Lizzy the royal treatment:

And make her the star of a hit music video:

“A lot of the time it’s just trying to get these things to go viral, it has to be as quick as possible,” Tibo told Inside Edition.

Tibo adopted Lizzy from a shelter, and he’s hoping to raise awareness of shelters, encouraging his many viewers to “adopt, don’t shop,” and to not declaw their cats.

There’s no denying Lizzy’s incredible acting skills, and with her follower count rising all the time, who knows where she will go next?

Maybe the Oscars?

Or even further?!