Rescue cat can't find a home because of her 'unfortunate fur marking'

Rescue cat can’t find a home because of her ‘unfortunate fur marking’

There are a lot of cats and dogs in an animal shelter at any given moment, all looking to be adopted into their “forever homes.” With so many options, it helps to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re this dog named Ginger Rogers who dances for passerby or a female dog with a big mustache, sometimes being different is a great way to win over prospective families.

But some dogs have facial features that are less “cute” and more… adult. That’s the case for one viral shelter dog, who’s beautiful if you can look past a rather “NSFW” fur pattern.

The Mini Kitty Commune, a nonprofit cat rescue organization based in Australia, is looking for a home for one of their most distinctive felines, a 9-year-old cat named Daisy.

The rescue says that the cat is looking for a good home and “ready to spend her time snuggling on anything warm & happy to watch the world go by.”

So what’s standing in her way? Well, maybe people can’t look past what the shelter calls “unfortunate facial markings.” Take a look:

Posted by The Mini Kitty Commune on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Let’s just say it: it looks like a penis.

While many well-meaning commenters have tried to call the marking “an angel” or an “elongated heart,” the prevailing opinion is that it’s a distinctly R-rated feature.

Clearly the rescue sees it too since they brought it up, but they also want people to look past the willy and see Daisy for the beauty she is.

“She is very easy going and doesn’t want for much, she loves company of humans but has also been around other cats so will do well after correct introductions,” they wrote on Facebook.

Daisy is also microchipped and vaccinated.

Posted by The Mini Kitty Commune on Thursday, August 29, 2019

But that uncensored facial marking is also making Daisy famous. The rescue told UNILAD that the cat’s “unique markings went nuts over the web.”

Reaction has been mixed: “We’ve had quite a few reactions ranging from people finding it hilarious to people being angry with us for likening her facial markings to phallic imagery,” a representative for Mini Kitty Commune said.

Posted by The Mini Kitty Commune on Thursday, August 29, 2019

But there’s good news: Daisy has potentially found someone who loves her as she is. The rescue told UNILAD that Daisy is in the middle of a trial adoption, along with her sister Mollie.

“She is very sweet, she has relaxed into her trial adoption,” a representative said. “Her potential adopter has been amazing for both Daisy and Mollie.”

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