Rescue puppy becomes star thanks to perfect mustache—now she's looking for a home

Rescue puppy becomes star thanks to perfect mustache—now she’s looking for a home

Some people are defined by their mustache. Think of all the great ‘staches throughout history: Tom Selleck, Charlie Chaplin, Burt Reynolds. Would they be as iconic without their famous facial hair?

Dogs, meanwhile, are covered in fur all over, so it’s usually hard for them to really make a statement with lip hair. But one rescue puppy has been lighting up the internet with her amazing mustache — and now she and her family are looking for a forever home.

In July, a stray shepherd mix was found by Dallas Animal Services, along with her 11 puppies. They stayed at the shelter for two weeks, but were transferred to the Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue.

“Puppies are at a very high risk for getting sick in the shelter environment,” Hearts & Bones’ Allison Seelig told People. “So we knew we had to get them out.”

Posted by Hearts & Bones Rescue on Friday, July 26, 2019

But when Hearts & Bones picked the dogs up, they noticed one of the puppies had a surprising feature that really made her stand out:

She had a mustache!

Posted by Hearts & Bones Rescue on Friday, July 26, 2019

At only five-weeks old puppy this puppy has stylish, perfectly-sculpted ‘stache that most men would envy.

“The first thing people ask is generally, ‘Is that real?’” Seelig told The Dodo. “[There’s] a lot of ‘Omg stop it!’ and squealing over her.”

Hearts & Bones was able to find a foster family in the area who was able to take in the whole litter. As the dogs were transported, the rescue workers wore fake mustaches.

They dubbed the puppy “Salvador Dolly,” after the famously twirly-stached surrealist painter.

You can totally see the resemblance:

Not to be totally outshone, Dolly’s ten siblings are also very cute, even if they’re more clean-shaven.

“Honestly, her siblings are also so cute so we were all oohing and ahhing over the whole group of them when we met them!” Seelig said.

She says the shelter is monitoring the whole family of dogs to make sure they get the help they need, as the puppies grow up and their mother stays busy nursing them.

“All of the puppies are very active and playful,” Seelig told People.

Posted by Hearts & Bones Rescue on Friday, July 26, 2019

But it’s Dolly who has been attracting all the attention online. Fans all over have been gushing about her and her famous mustache.

And that fame paid off. Hearts & Bones is going to find the dogs a new home at the end of August in New York City (where they are also located), and thanks to all the attention they now have a long list of families who want to take Dolly home.

However, her siblings and mother will still be in need of homes. But the rescue is hoping that the attention she has brought them will inspire people to help out.

“We hope that her going viral encourages more people to adopt and foster,” Seelig told People. “It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter.”

They even made shirts and bags with Salvador Dolly’s mustached face to promote adoption and fostering:

If you are local and interested in adopting Dolly or her siblings, you can reach out to Hearts & Bones and fill out an application.

But if you’re inspired by their work, you can also make a donation, or volunteer to foster a dog temporarily: “We were only able to save Dolly and her family because we had a foster to take them in – the more people we have ready to open their hearts and homes to a dog in need, the more we can save!” they wrote on Instagram.

Posted by Hearts & Bones Rescue on Friday, July 26, 2019

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