Referee dog steps in to break up kitten fight in funny viral video

We’ve all heard the stereotypes of cats and dogs being natural enemies, but often we see that dogs can actually be very protective and caring of cats, acting like a parent.

And any good parent knows that sometimes you gotta put your foot down when the kids start acting up. That’s what one responsible dog did when the kittens started roughhousing, putting an end to a fight in a hilarious video.

It all started when four kitten siblings got into a scuffle, albeit a pretty adorable one:


Then suddenly the battle comes to an abrupt stop, and the kittens scatter in different directions as if the cops arrived to break up their fight.


But instead, it’s the dog—who’s apparently had enough of the kittens’ shenanigans and is putting a stop to it before someone gets hurt.


As is so often the case, only one of the fighting kittens was left behind to be scolded by the big dog, who looks like he’s about to give the cat a lecture.

While the rebellious kitten seems eager to put up a fight at first…


…he eventually stands down and learns his lesson.

That video has gotten over 2.3 million views on YouTube. People couldn’t get enough of this good dog acting as a referee to these cute kittens.

The lesson is, if you have some misbehaving kittens, get them a dog—they know how to keep them in line!

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