Police officer finds stray kitten under his car, decides to adopt her as his ‘partner’

Sometimes pets come into our lives in the most unexpected ways — we just end up in just the right place at just the right time to give an animal a home, as if it was meant to be.

That was the case recently when one police officer encountered a stray kitten on duty — and decided to give her a forever home.

Officer McDermott of Kentucky’s Louisville Metro Police Department was on patrol recently when he “caught a cat burglar”: a stray kitten was found hiding under his police car.

The kitten was apparently scared to come out, and according to a Facebook post from the department, Officer McDermott had to lure her out with some cheese.

And since food is the best way to any animal’s heart, the cat quickly warmed up to the officer and they formed an instant bond.

In fact, they hit it off so well that McDermott decided to make it official: he adopted the cat!

The cat, now named Banshee, will have a perfect forever home, going from being a “cat burglar” to an officer’s faithful partner. The department shared the good news and described it as a “fairy tail ending.”

“This is pawsitively the the most purrrfect police partner,” the LMPD wrote.

We’ve seen many stories of police officers and other emergency responders adopting animals they find in the line of duty, and it certainly seems like many of them have a soft spot for animals.

But Officer McDermott seems to especially love animals: according to the department, he already owns two cats, two dogs, two snakes and even a bearded dragon!

This former stray kitten will definitely have plenty of playmates in her new home, and will be in the best of hands.

Everything happens for a reason. We’re so glad this kitten found a loving forever home! Thank you to Officer McDermott for adopting Banshee!

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