Kittens found ditched on the side of the highway get adopted by state trooper

It’s always heartbreaking when someone abandons their pet. We’ve seen too many stories of people ditching their pets on the side of the road, not caring at all what happens to them.

Thankfully, there are also kind people out there willing to step up and save these poor discarded animals. Often times a police officer will arrive on the scene, and work hard to gain the pet’s trust to get them to safety.


And sometimes, rescues like these can lead to something more: we’ve seen many stories of officers who actually adopt the animals they save.

That was the case recently, after two abandoned kittens were found on the side of the highway — and have already found their new home.

Yesterday, Sgt. Stephen Wheeles, the Indiana State Police Public Information Officer for the Versailles District, found two cats on the side of the I-65 in Jackson County.

They were found in pet carriers, and appeared to have been abandoned by their owner.


The trooper quickly came to their rescue. “We freed them from their cell and gave them some fresh water,” Sgt. Wheeles wrote on Twitter.

The cats were unharmed, but must have been scared and confused after being left on the side of the highway.

Thankfully, they were safe now. Sgt. Wheeles gave them a ride in his police vehicle, their first step towards a better life.


Normally, the next step would be for the kittens to go to a shelter and try to find a new forever home. However, these cats already have a home lined up.

“A trooper is adopting them,” Sgt. Wheeles wrote.


It’s not the first time an officer has adopted an animal after rescuing them. Sometimes life just puts people in the right place at the right time, and they know it’s meant to be.

Sgt. Wheeles shared the heartwarming news on Twitter — and more than that, he wanted the public to get involved by helping the police pick names for kittens!

Many Twitter users have weighed in, suggesting names related to Indiana or the police department — or just how lucky they are to be safe and sound.

We’re so glad that these kittens have found a perfect home after being rescued! We wish them all the best — and hope they find great names, too!

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