Grandma takes care of homeless “cat” – grandson dies of laughter when he realizes what it really is

For all of us animal-lovers we love our furry friends whatever they may be. But that’s not to say that they all make great pets.

Even though we talk about being kind to animals and helping those in danger, there are some animal heroes out there who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need.

Eric Hertlein’s grandma is well known in her Kansas town for offering stray cats food and a safe place to sleep. The sweet lady has even designated her porch as a place for her feline friends to hang out and rest.

Sometimes she even lets the cats come into her house if she thinks they’re particularly vulnerable.

However, she failed to spot a cat impostor who won her affections and managed to get a place to sleep inside her home, without her realizing it.

On a visit to see his grandma Eric noticed something unusual about one of her stray “cats” and on a closer inspection realized this was no cat at all.

Among the cats lay an opossum

In a cozy little cat bed, surrounded by all his grandma’s other cats lay an opossum, enjoying the wonderful hospitality of this Kansas grandmother.

Eric thought it was so funny that his grandmother didn’t even notice this cat impostor that he chose to share a picture of it on Twitter.

His grandma didn’t want to take Eric’s word for it and told him it was one of her cats who had been coming around for a while now and she’d even started calling him Tete!

It wasn’t until she took a closer look that she realized what Tete actually was, but even then she didn’t care much, telling her grandson: “Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!”

Twitter / eric_hertline

How an opossum could adapt so well to people and the other cats is still a mystery.

Despite discovering what Tete really was, she was more than happy to have him stay and treated him just like any other animal in need.

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