Miracle cat surprises hospital staff with a kind hearted gesture

Radamenes the cat came to the vet to be put down. He was very ill and his owner wanted to end his suffering.

But Radamenes wasn’t going to die, he still had at least one of his nine lives left. He also had an important job to do โ€“ and the veterinarians at the clinic would soon be aware that this cat was not like the others.

Radamenes lives in Bydgoszcz in Poland. He had been ill for some time when he came to the veterinary clinic a few years ago. The owner thought it was time to end his suffering, and asked the vet to euthanize him.


But the vet heard Radamenes purring, and saw it as a sign. The cat still had a chance, and they started a treatment to bring him back to health.


Miraculously enough, Radamenes recovered. But the story does not end there. One day, the vets discovered that he had a very special gift. Radamenes had snuggled up with some of the other patients to comfort them.


They discovered that the cat liked to hug and groom other patients at the clinic. It was as though he realized that they needed comfort and love when they were sick.


He was particularly fond of patients who had undergone serious surgery. As they lay and woke up from the drug, Radamenes snuggled next to them. His calm presence made them relax and not be so afraid.


The vets at the clinic say that he actually acts as an employed nurse, and they would like to keep him on full-time.


I think it’s a great idea! Who’s better at comforting these patients than a cat who has been through exactly the same thing?


Radamenes’ story has spread to international media and he has been celebrated by thousands of people.


He is living proof that cats don’t just think of themselves, they have lots of sympathy for others as well.


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