Meet Smoothie, the stunning Instagram star called the most photogenic cat in the world

We can’t get enough of cat pictures, and thanks to Instagram, we’ll never need to: the whole site is filled with users posting photos of their beautiful, unique felines.

But in the world of Insta-famous kitties, one gorgeous cat reigns supreme—a British Longhaired who was born to be a model.

Meet Smoothie:

With her thick orange coat and piercing dark green eyes, Smoothie is undoubtedly a stunner.

So it’s no surprise she’s become a star online: she has an incredible 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

Look through the comments on her pics and you’ll see how much people have fallen in love with Smoothie, calling her one of the most beautiful and photogenic cats in the world.

Smoothie has been lighting up the internet since 2016, when her owner, Arvid van Boekel, from the Netherlands, posted a few too many pictures of his pet.

“I started this Instagram account because I was posting too many pictures on Facebook, and my friends were complaining (“Another cat pic, really?”),” Arvid told The Huffington Post. “But I just had so many nice pictures, that I wanted to share with the world … and in a few months Smoothie gained a lot of followers all around the world.”

Not only is Smoothie a beautiful cat, she also knows instinctively how to pose for the camera.

“I guess she knows how pretty she is, cause she’s all the time posing when I’m making pictures or videos,” Arvid said.

Not that she’s a diva or anything: “On the other hand she’s not behaving like a princess, because she’s really affectionate and cuddly.”

One downside: the cat sheds and leaves so much hair behind it’s almost impossible to wear black.

But it’s worth it to have such a great cat around the house. For Arvid, the cat’s Instagram fame confirms what all cat owners already know: that he has the most beautiful cat in the world.

“I guess all cat owners think they have the most precious kitten, but people seemed to agree that Smoothie is really special,” he told the Huffington Post.

Smoothie is a true beauty! Share these stunning pics with your friends!