Man finds poor cat frozen on ground, he’d lost all hope – then her paw began to twitch

Elsa was discovered outside on a porch in freezing cold temperatures.

The poor cat was completely frozen stiff and could only move one paw. Fortunately for her, the man that found her was determined to save the day. Luckily, his efforts paid off.

Read the incredible story below.

The man bathed Ella gently in lukewarm water, to slowly bring up her body temperature.

After the bath, he wrapped her in a warm blanket. Elsa was still moving, but she seemed to appreciate being pampered.


After a while she began to drink a little bit.


Six hours later, Elsa was standing. It remains a mystery where she is from, and how she ended up in that horrible state, but one thing is certain: the man had saved her life.


The man who rescued Elsa later put together a great video about her discovery – and recovery. You can watch it below.

Good luck to little Elsa!

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