Woman rescues abandoned kitten with "bed head" - say hi to Wolfie!

Woman rescues abandoned kitten with “bed head” – say hi to Wolfie!

This little kitten was found alone and abandoned. She was so young she didn’t know how to eat and her immune system was weak as she wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed from her mommy.

It’s been a long and slow process but with lots of love, hard work and patience this adorable kitten is getting stronger.

Say hi to Wolfie the cat with a permanent “bed head!”

The kitten was underweight and lonely when a woman in Arizona found her. But, however hard she tried Wolfie would not feed from a bottle and continued to get weaker, reports Love Meow .

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Her rescuer was very worried and contacted Bottle Baby Fosters, in Phoenix Arizona, to ask for help and Melinda Blain, from the organization, immediately said yes. Wolfie was taken in and tube fed and in just one day gained 20 grams. Finally her belly was full.

Kittens orphaned at a young age are vulnerable. They need antibodies that help build up their immunity, which they naturally get from their mother’s milk during the first couple of days after birth, reports Love Meow.

Wolfie was given antibiotics and Melinda’s rescue partner Shelbi Uyehara and her husband worked day and night to feed and care for her.

“Since the beginning, she has been the sweetest thing in the world,” Shelbi told Love Meow.

At almost three weeks old, Wolfie has tripled her weight. The little kitten is getting bigger and stronger and has the cutest hairdo.

“She’s got permanent bed head!” she added.

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