Perpetually sad kitten named Cheese wins the internet’s heart

Cheese the kitten is an extra special kitty. Not only does he have a unique name, but one look at his face and you’ll melt into a puddle of mush.

At first glance Cheese looks extremely sad. Don’t let it fool you, he’s anything but sad.

Cheese arrived at Meow Parlour in New York City after someone brought him in to the cat cafe and cat rescue when his owner could no longer care for him.

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Cheese may have the saddest face but not to worry, he’s a happy kitty! He was born with tiny eyes but he doesn’t require any special medical care. Cheese was a rescued by a good samaritain when he was surrendered by his owner with his housemate Chia. Like her, he’s social, docile and affectionate. These two little gems are not bonded and get along with other cats, so they can be adopted separately. Cheese is currently in a foster home and if you’d like to meet him, just email us at [email protected] #FosterFriday #adoptdontshop #adoptarescue #catsofinstagram #coicommunity #catsofig #getyourrescueon #bestmeow #cutenessoverload #meow #ilovecats #cute #rescuecatsofinstagram #catcafe #meowparlour #nyc

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Immediately people noticed his adorable face. Cheese had such tiny eyes, which made him look perpetually sad. The kitten was born with microphthalmia, a condition where one or both eyes are smaller than normal.

He may have been born with tiny eyes, but he doesn’t need any extra medical care, according to Meow Parlour.

The cat rescue shared Cheese’s photo on social media and the response was huge. Within a short time, Cheese found a forever home. Even more exciting, the family who adopted Cheese returned a few days later to adopt another feline friend.

And the two have gotten along perfectly.

“We love every single adoption that we do, but it’s truly special to have adopters come back for another one,” Meow Parlour told Love Meow.

Cheese is such a cutie!

Even though he may look different than other cats, it’s great that he was able to find a loving forever home.

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