Family loses everything in fire – returns and finds the unthinkable in the ruins

Laura Ringenberger was forced to flee with her family when their home burned to the ground in the California forest fires in October.

But before she fled the house she looked out of the window into their back yard. That’s where the family’s cat, named Kitty Kitty Star, could usually be found, outside playing. Laura called out to her pet, but the cat was nowhere to be seen.

“I called for her for about 20 minutes but couldn’t find her. I worried that we would never see her again,” Laura tells Love Meow.

She had no choice – she was forced to flee the house.

The situation was life-threatening for the family and they had to evacuate the house immediately. But Laura was of course heartbroken. The cat was her beloved  four-legged family member, and now she was sure she would never see her pet again.

The family managed to escape, but they’d lost everything in the fire. It was impossible to know whether their cat had escaped, or died in the burning house. The whole house had been destroyed in the fire – all that was left were the remains of a chimney.

Laura Ringenberger

Laura didn’t believe her cat had survived, but was desperate to get an answer. Once she and her family were safe, Laura decided to return to the ruins of her house, together with a reporter from ABC who was covering the fires in California. So far the fires have claimed over 40 lives and chased thousands of families out of their homes.

They drove to the house, and when they arrived Laura began to shout out, looking for her beloved cat.

After a while, they saw something move and Laura asked the reporter to stand back. It was her cat moving around in the ruins!

Miraculously, the cat had survived the fire, and had stayed in place at the site of her old home.

Laura Ringenberger

“She came out about 20 minutes after we got there. I called for her for a while. Eventually I heard her off in the distance, crying. It was really surreal. The fact that she was OK, and she was right there. It was a crazy moment,” Laura tells Love Meow.

Of course, Laura was overjoyed. She immediately scooped up her cat and covered her in kisses.

You can see the heartwarming moment for yourself below: 

This story is proof that hope really is the last thing that leaves us during dark times!

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