Family finds unusual Fishing Cat abandoned on the street

Family finds unusual Fishing Cat abandoned on the street

When a family in Thailand looked out their window, they saw a little kitten out on the street. Sadly, the momma cat was nowhere to be seen. so, they went outside to take a closer look at the poor the creature and see if they could help.

They began to suspect that there was something unusual about the kitten and decided to call an animal organization for help. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) came to take care of the tiny baby.

After looking closely at the kitten, they discovered that he was a Fishing Cat, a critically endangered species found in the wetland areas of Southeast Asia. The fishing Cat can grow up to about 34 inches long and is anything but a “regular” kitten.

Here’s what the kitten looked like:

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Close to extinction

This wild cat is twice the size of a regular house cat, loves to be in the water, and is incredibly adept at catching fish. Unfortunately, human encroachment is causing the world’s wetlands to shrink. Fishing Cats and other animals are losing their habitat. Fishing Cats are listed as one of the world’s most endangered species. In addition to losing their habitat, they are also threatened by illegal hunting and poaching.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

WFFT believes that the tiny, wild, cat was only a few hours old when found. They had no idea why the mother would leave it alone.

An adult Fishing Cat. Pixabay

The cat was allowed to stay with the family who found it. It felt safe with them and they were willing to provide constant care for the tiny kitten.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

The family watched and hoped that the mother would come back. But she never did. Instead, the kitten was fed warm milk.kitten5

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

They named him Simba and understood how important his survival is to the species. In Thailand, Fishing Cat numbers have declined sharply in recent years.

In just three years, 84 percent of all Fishing Cats in the country died as a result of hunting or habitat destruction.


Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Fortunately, this family found the tiny cat in time to save its life. I didn’t even know that these beautiful, unique cats even existed. In many ways, the Fishing Cat resembles a lynx, but they are their own important species.

I sincerely hope that the kitten survives and that the Fishing Cats can be saved from extinction. It is time to take a hard look at how we treat the planet and all of its living creatures. If you agree, please share this article.

Posted by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand on Thursday, December 8, 2016

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