Cat’s fur is curly like a poodle – then her owner looks closer and realizes the unthinkable

I think cats are wonderful. I grew up with feline furballs and have had a few special cats in my life.

Sadly, I can’t have one today, because of my allergies, but every time I see a photo or video clip with a little kitty in it, I feel happy.

The cats in the pictures below don’t look like the cats I had as a kid — they have a unique coat that’s only found on this unusual breed.

They’re so lovely!

The Selkirk Rex is an unusual cat breed that you don’t see that often. It’s characterized by its special fur — which reminds me a little of a poodle’s coat.

The cats can be both long or short-haired and have curly fur.

A grey Selkirk Rex

The cat breed was discovered by chance in Montana, USA, in 1987. A kitten was born with curly fur and looked completely different than her siblings. Cat breeder Jeri Newman was curious about this unique-looking cat and decided to breed her. She named her Miss Depesto.

Her first litter consisted of six kittens, and three of them had the same curly fur.

That was the birth of the Selkirk Rex breed.

A ginger Selkirk Rex cat

Today, all Selkirk Rex cats originate from Miss Depesto.

Jeri Newman named the breed after her stepfather, Selkirk, which makes the breed even more unique because it’s the only cat breed that’s named after a person.

Soon, others began breeding the Selkirk Rex and started to mix the curly-haired felines with Persian cats, American shorthairs and British shorthairs.

A white Selkirk Rex cat

You can see more pictures of these beautiful cats, below:

A pair of white and ginger Selkirk Rex kittens
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A grey Selkirk Rex cat
A big grey and white Selkirk Rex cat
Kitten Toob

What do you think of this unusual breed? Would you like to have one of these cute cats as part of your family?

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