Sassa takes her stable cat duties very seriously - just look at the horse's reaction
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Sassa takes her stable cat duties very seriously – just look at the horse’s reaction

As well as being much loved and part of our family our pets can provide so much entertainment.

Just watch stable cat Sassa in action and I guarantee it will raise a smile.


This cute cat, that frequents Stall Witasp, in Sweden, has become a bit of an internet celebrity after she showed off her grooming skills while on camera. She’s only 18 weeks old and has already decided what she wants to be when she grows up.

Sassa helps both her two-legged and four-legged companions at the stable and finds she can do her job much more effectively when she climbs on top of the horse.

Photo: Facebook

“She is absolutely not afraid of the horses and she loves to climb onto them. She usually lies on their backs in the boxes,” stable worker Catrin tells  Hippson.

The stable shared a cute clip of Sassa climbing onto one of the horses and posted it on their Facebook page.

After just a few days the clip had been viewed by over 130,000 people and shared by almost 2,000 Sassa fans.

Completely calm

In the clip, Sassa stays a bit longer on the horse than she usually does. After climbing onto the horse’s back, she balances to get to her head so she help pick up the horse’s braid. It’s obviously not the first time she’s done this and the horse remains completely calm.

“Some of the horses react and get a bit disturbed, but I think she knows what she can get away with,” adds Catrin.




Photo: Facebook

Watch this cute cat in action, it really is an adorable sight.

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