Owner tries to trick his cat in the bathroom – but look at the animal’s fun reaction!

Cats are intelligent animals! They’re not obedient like dogs and can’t be trained like dogs can; they please themselves and oftentimes lose patience if we’re trying to teach them house rules.

Perhaps that’s why one cat owner decided to carry out a little experiment to see if cats really are that independent or they do actually want to copy us.

He shared the results online and now thousands have watched and shared this very entertaining video.


Both dogs and cats have over the years given me so much joy and wonderful moments to look back on. There’s never a dull moment  when you have a loving, four-legged friend nearby.

This video of the cat’s reaction after the owner decided to trick him on leaving the bathroom has been shared by more than 800,000 people. When you see it you’ll understand why.

The cat owner should just open the door and exit the bathroom. But when he opened the door he jumps over an invisible obstacle. This puzzles the cat as he tried to figure out what it is.

Look at the clip below and share if you love cats and dogs too!