Baby lays crying on the bed and the family cat leaps forward – keep an eye on what happens next

Children and animals can form precious bonds and those fortunate enough to grow up around animals definitely benefit.

It is, of course, always important that an adult supervises a child when playing with pets such as dogs and cats – especially if they are very small.

I grew up around cats and loved them but always thought how independent they were, not like a doting dog. But this video definitely proves me wrong.

In the clip a baby lays crying on a bed; what the cat does next is quite incredible, not to mention adorable.


Photo: YouTube

The video clip  was posted on YouTube and has been viewed over 5 million times; it’s not hard to see why after watching it. I’ve never seen a cat’s mothering instinct kick in around a baby before.

The baby screams while the cat is being petted by an older child. As soon as the cat can break free she rushes on to the bed.

Soothe the screaming child

A parent is filming the baby, staying close by, but clearly confident that the cat really can handle things by herself.

The cat then wraps itself around the child and comforts the baby, trying all different things to soothe her. It’s so beautiful to watch.

If you watch until the end you can hear the cat meowing gently as if to softly shush the child.

See for yourself in the clip below. I can’t stop watching it.

I wish I’d had a cat like this when my children were babies! It just makes me love cats even more.

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