Adorable cat gives owner so much love and affection: then when he's not looking he does this

Adorable cat gives owner so much love and affection: then when he’s not looking he does this

I’m a big fan of cats but we all know how single minded and independent they can be. I’m always so grateful when my cat gives me love and attention; it doesn’t happen very often so I feel I should savior the moment.

All cats are different and have their own personalities but often cats give affection because they want to snuggle up in a warm spot near you and rest or because they want food.

One Facebook user decided to film a very adorable display of affection from his cat; it’s so cute to watch. Then when he thinks its owner isn’t looking he gets very sneaky; it’s hilarious to watch.


This crazy cat’s moves has lit up the internet as he rubs his head on the neck of his owner in such a sweet way.


His owner has a plate with a chicken drumstick on it and seems to know his pet well enough to be suspicious of this very enthusiastic display of affection.

The owner was rightfully suspicious when his cat starts lovingly licking and gnawing at his ear and he does not seem fooled by the cat’s fake affection.

Then just when he thinks his owner isn’t looking this big fat paw comes out, claws at the ready and tries to swipe his chicken leg!


His first attempt fails so he goes back to giving his owner even more affection. Is he brave enough to try a second time? And if so will he succeed in getting the delicious piece of chicken for himself?

Find out in the clip below.

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