Abandoned 30-pound cat finds a new home to help her shed the pounds

Abandoned 30-pound cat finds a new home to help her shed the pounds

Sometimes we all put on a little weight and it can be hard to shed the pounds. It happens to our pets, too—and they rely on us to get the proper nutrition and exercise they need to get healthy.

Sadly, one cat was abandoned by her owner, possibly because of her weight… but now she’s getting a second chance with some new owners.

Lasagna is a domestic short-haired cat who was left abandoned in a dog crate at the ACCT Philly animal shelter. The cat weighed 29.5 pounds.

Lasagna was so overweight that it seems her old owners just couldn’t deal with it and decided to abandon her, leaving the shelter trying to find her not just a good home, but one that would help her get back in shape.

“This chonky cat would love someone who can help her lose the #quarantine15 and become a healthy and happy cat,” ACCT Philly wrote.

“She’s unfortunately very overweight, which can create a lot of medical issues, so we are hoping to find her a wonderful home that can help her lose the weight,” Sarah Barnett, ACCT’s director of development and communications, told WPVI.

“She’s very sweet, but she really does need to find a home that can help her lose the weight so she can be a healthy and happy cat.”

It didn’t take long for Lasagna to go viral. Perhaps, as the shelter joked, we’ve all put on some weight during these months of quarantine and people related to the hefty feline.

And soon, Lasagna found the perfect forever home.

“Lasagna has been adopted!” the shelter announced on Twitter. “She went to an amazing home dedicated to helping her get to a healthy weight.”

While it’s a happy ending for this “chonky” cat, the shelter says that there are others like her still looking for a good home.

“When a lot of people are interested in one animal, you kind of feel bad for the others,” Sarah Barnett told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Our hope is everyone who wants Lasagna, or maybe a third of them, will come in and adopt, or know that we’re here when they’re ready.”

We’re so glad this cat finally has a home who will help her get back in shape rather than abandon her. Share this great news!