Overweight, disabled dog abandoned on side of New Jersey highway begins road to recovery

Officials recently came across an overweight and disabled chihuahua on the side of a New Jersey highway.

And as if his situation wasn’t sad enough, he was locked inside a crate.

According to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, who eventually took him in, the dog, later named Stanley, was “completely immobile [and] frozen in fear.”

Stanley was left on rt.80 trapped inside a crate -abandoned, disabled, and completely helpless.It was an unimaginable…

Gepostet von Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge am Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2020

Stanley’s legs were also so severely deformed that he was unable to walk. Staff believe his legs had been like that for some time and his weight only made them worse.

“His legs are almost like pretzels,โ€ Megan Brinster, executive director of the shelter told the New York Daily News.

Stanley was more than double his breed’s recommended weight.

Stanley currently weighs 21 pounds. He should weigh between seven to eight pounds.

“Somebody was probably just leaving food out and letting him gorge himself.โ€

Since the chihuahua is unable to move on his own due to his compound issues, medical staff and his new foster family will work with him to first help him lose weight and then hopefully get him fitted for a wheelchair.

The shelter has set up an Amazon wish list for Stanley and has asked for anyone who is willing and able to help to consider donating in order to help Stanley begin his road to recovery.

It breaks my heart that someone could neglect an animal like this. I hope Stanley is able to lose weight so he can use a doggy wheelchair. Share Stanley’s story.