Villagers left stunned after calf is born with human face

Birth is a special time, not just in the human world but also in the animal kingdom, and should be celebrated for the miracle it is.

But a farmer and locals from a village in Argentina were left stunned when a cow gave birth to a rather unusual-looking calf.

The calf was unique in its appearance compared to the rest of the herd; now its image is being shared around the world.

The calf was born in the village of Villa Ana, in Argentina, and the cow had a tough birth. But nobody could have prepared those assisting the birth for what the calf would look like.

The little calf had a hard time keeping its head up. It also had a small nose and mouth which made breathing difficult.

But most unusual of all was its face. One villager recorded the calf as it had an almost “human-like face.”

Genetics expert Nicolas Magnago told local media that the animal could have had a rare genetic mutation.

“[A] mutation is a change in the DNA sequencing that was transferred to the cow’s offspring,” he said, according to the Mirror.

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Tragically, the calf passed away within hours of its birth.

Rest in peace sweet calf. You were completely unique; it’s so sad that you fell asleep too early!