Pup walks over 100 miles to find the couple that showed her kindness

There are too many stray dogs alone and fighting to survive on the streets and sadly we can’t help them all.

With an increasing number of animal shelters and animal heroes that take them in and do all they can to secure a happy home the future is bright – for some of them.

But one poor pup found herself wandering the street, abandoned, malnourished and pregnant.

Thankfully, she was found by two angels who showed her a kindness that she would never forgot.



The couple found the needy dog on the streets of Rivadavia, in southern Argentina and called her Negrita,

Negrita was in a sorry state; pregnant, malnourished and emaciated.

Fearful for her health and the health of the puppies the couple took her in and looked after her.

stray dog kindness

After she gave birth they continued to look after her and her puppies but as they were in their golden years, the couple struggled to cope with such a demanding brood.

The couple found homes for the puppies and even sent Negrita to live with a friend of theirs in a neighboring town. Their friend in Jáchal was only too happy with her new dog Negrita.

But it seems Negrita was still pining for the couple who had shown so much kindness to her and her babies and just two weeks later they got a call to say she had gone missing.

The couple spent days worrying about missing Negrita until they found themselves answering their door to her. Negrita had walked over 100 miles to see them again.

Realizing just how much this dog meant to them and how much they meant to her, they decided to hold onto her and now they make a happy family of three.

We must never underestimate the power of kindness toward an animal. I’m so happy that this sweet dog got to stay with the couple who showed her the most love.

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